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Passito del Conte

Recioto di Gambellara DOCG – Vino Bianco Passito

Passito del Conte in memory of Count Luigi Da Porto, an important figure in the history of the town of Montorso Vicentino.
He was a General who lived, around 1500, in Villa Da Porto Barbaran, a family estate where he took refuge after being wounded in battle. During his stay in Montorso, he wrote ‘Historia novellamente ritrovata di due nobili amanti’, a novel that anticipates the story of Romeo and Juliet, which was dramatized for the theater by William Shakespeare.
This wine wants to remember the value of history and tradition, in fact the ‘passito’ technique is traditional in the area of Gambellara DOC. The label represents the Count Luigi Da Porto, which we wanted to stylize, just to remember how culture today is often abandoned or taken for granted. The wine, therefore, wants to be a way to remind that tradition or history are not things that anchor us to the past, but that help us to embark on our future with awareness.

The grape is picked up by hand (choosing the best bunches) and let wither for about 5 months in the barn. It is cold pressed with a 2-bar pressure to take out the best from fragrances and, if weather is cold, the grape ferments slowly. Once fermentation is finished, the product is let improve in the barrique for a short time, then it is bottled after a further period in glass containers.

Golden straw-yellow colour. Fragrance of ripe fruit, raisins, figs and a balanced aftertaste of almond.

Ideal with dry cakes and biscuits or with a good selection of aged cheeses.

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100% Garganega

Pergola Veronese

3 months in french oak barriques

Volcanic soil

500 ml


13 % vol.

5,50 g/l



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