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Durella, State of Mind


The Lessini Mountains

We are located between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, in an area called Monti Lessini DOC. The territory originated about 50 million years ago, when rising magma bubbles gave rise to the Lessini Mountains, raising them from the bottom of the primordial sea. It is precisely for this reason that surprisingly rich fossil deposits are found next to the volcanoes, and some very ancient fossil finds testify that, since ancient times, our territory has been an ideal habitat for the vine. However, viticulture in the Lessini Mountains began with the arrival of the Romans. Durella is already mentioned in Plinio the Elder mentions a grape «duràcinus» or “with a hard skin”. As part of the research on viticultural zoning, the Consortium has identified 15 crus, areas that express the potential of this vine in different ways. The vineyards, from which our durella bases derive, are located in the following crus: CHIAMPO and AGUGLIANA.

The Durella

Durella is the indigenous vine of Monti Lessini, an ancient and rustic vine that gives golden grapes whose fundamental characteristics are a typical sour taste and a thick skin rich in tannins: polyphenolic substances that give Durello wine its unique personality.

It is a white-berried variety with a winged and compact bunch.
This vine loves good exposure but above all, it needs a good exchange of air and the presence of water, which is why it finds the best conditions for its development in this area.

The Traditional Method

The combination of volcanic soil, which gives the minerality and longevity of the wine, and the acidic character of the vine, allow us to create excellent bases for traditional method sparkling wines.
The technique of refermentation in the bottle represents for us the most interesting expression for durella.
Aging for 3 to 5 years in the bottle with the fermentation lees, the characteristic acidity of the vine evolves, until it becomes a pleasant cream, which leaves interesting cleanliness and pleasantness on the palate.
What makes this wine intriguing is the expression over time, as if to demonstrate that instead of aging over time, it rejuvenates.