FAMILY - Vini Tonello
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Tonello's Family

We are Diletta and Antonio, daughter and father, heart and soul of the company with on our side the most precious support: Giustina.

Then there are also Francesco, Bruno, Sofia, Silvia, Giovanni, Giulia, Emanuele, Ulisse and grandpa Giuseppe.

The history of the Tonello family is not characterized only by degrees of kinship or blood ties, it can be said that the bond in this family has always been created by WINE.

Everything begins with grandfather Giuseppe Tonello, born in Sovizzo in 1928 and then moved to the town of Montorso Vicentino for the love of grandmother Adele. He begins to manage the existing farm, where great-grandfather Giovanni was producing wine already since the 1930s.

The switch happens in 1985 when Antonio decides to destine the entire production of the farm to cultivate grapes for the production of our wine, to be sold directly. So begins the story of Cantina Tonello, which immediately dedicates its production to the native vines of the area, with the desire to pass on the traditions of the production of otherwise forgotten wines and vines.

In 2014 Diletta found her place in the company, with clear ideas right away: to bring Tonello wines all over the world. And so, with small steps, many mistakes, but also many things done right, today we look after 12 hectares of vineyards, cultivated according to organic viticulture.

The decision to cultivate vines such as GARGANEGA and DURELLA is not only linked to tradition but is justified by the expression these vines have in the territory. The volcanic area, especially basaltic, gives these vines a savoury mineral character that makes them unique and above all long-lived wines. In addition to these two native varieties, we also grow MERLOT, CABERNET, CHARDONNAY and PROSECCO.

To date, with the grapes that we use for our production, we bottle and sell around 35,000 bottles a year. Our bottles are sold in Italy and abroad in the following countries: USA (New York), CANADA (Manitoba), BELGIUM, ENGLAND, GERMANY, FINLAND, SWEDEN, CZECH REPUBLIC.

Who is Antonio

Distinguishing marks: I divide myself daily between my commitment to the vineyards and my commitment to my territory.

After graduating as an Agricultural Expert from the 'Trentin' Agricultural Institute in Lonigo, I began to manage the family business and in 1985 I made the decision to produce our own wine, with the aim of bringing an artisanal and genuine product into people's homes.

Always a supporter of local vines, I immediately devoted my attention to the cultivation of Durella, producing the first bottles of the classic method in 2000, with an eye always attentive to tradition, and in the production of dessert wines from Garganega grapes.

Who is Diletta

Born under the sign of Durella, since I was a little girl I have always done my part in the company: first to cause trouble, then to solve it.
Distinguishing features: long legs to work under the pergolas and a long tongue to tell the whole world about Monti Lessini Durello.

To get up here, I first graduated as an agricultural expert at the 'Trentin' Agricultural Institute in Lonigo; then university, which led me to become a Doctor of Viticultural and Oenological Sciences and Technologies at the University of Padua.
After a series of experiences, in Italy and abroad, I officially joined the company in 2014, finding my space among the concrete barrels and stacked bottles.

Since 2022 I have also held the role of President of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Lessini Durello, my will is to be able to communicate to the whole world the importance of this vine and this territory, to enhance all the work that the companies and cellars of Lessini Durello are doing.

The Durella Team

Francesco, Bruno, Sofia, Silvia, Giulia and Giovanni are the people who contribute to making this family and this company truly special and unique.
Our principle is that people make the difference, which is why we are very proud to have this group of people with us who support us in the work of the vineyard, in the cellar and in the organization of events and hospitality.