We take care of 12 hectares of vineyards, these are found in a culture environment rather diversified, they are in fact alternated with fruit trees and fields of crops. This allows us to have a great biodiversity, very important for our crops and the environment.

The growing area is located in the plain of the municipalities of Montorso, Arzignano and Montecchio, between two rivers: the Guà and Chiampo river.
We take a truly hands-on approach to our craft each step of the way, from the vineyard to the cellar to the bottle.
From the farming methods that sustain the rich and bio-diverse ecosystem of our Vineyard, to the soil, which is volcanic, alluvial deposit, rich in pebbles and tending to clay.

We believe that the most important part of winemaking happens in the vineyard.
The choice to cultivate vines as GARGANEGA and Durella, is not only based on tradition, but it is justified by the expression that these vines have in the territory. The volcanic zone, particularly alluvial sedimentation, gives these varieties a tangy mineral character that makes them unique.
Besides these two grow native varieties also MERLOT, CABERNET, CHARDONNAY and Pinot Grigio.

Consequently, the winemaking maintains a deep and abiding respect for the land.
Our target is tilling the soil as little as possible, and restricting the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Hand picking and multiple sorting techniques are complemented by our proven practices of drying grapes and selected yeast fermentation, which combine to yield exceptional results.

” What I do in the cellar is simply to give free expression to my territory.
During the harvest, the grapes are pressed carefully and with care the fermentation starts.
After the work of the yeast, I put in safe the wine in the cellar, where it is kept in check periodically, and spends the winter.
Then, during the next spring, I make different choices of aging or bottling, depending on the product. “