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Wines from Winegrowers

Welcome to the Tonello Winery

We take you to the Lessini Mountains, an extraordinary wine area located between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, this area is characterized by volcanic soil. We are located in the municipality of Montorso Vicentino, in the Chiampo Valley, where we mainly grow Durella and Garganega grapes.

Four Forces of Nature


Four wines, produced from native vines. Four, like the elements of nature: water, air, earth and sun. From there, they take the name of the four nymphs. In Greek mythology, Teti, Aura, Chloe and Eos were nymphs: divinities of nature. Their divine power resides on the earth, in the delicate 'caress' of the morning breeze, in the rush of a river, in the warmth of the sun.

“Ours is an agricultural reality that produces wines from organic farming. We do it out of respect for our land, which has generously given us the basis on which to grow our wine project.”

Antonio Tonello

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