Are you ready for… Vinitaly?

Are you ready for… Vinitaly?

Welcome Spring!

Spring it’s arrived! This are not only a beautiful sunny day (finally), but it is also an excellent opportunity to take stock of upcoming events.
The pruning is now over (we also have a few rows), I’m starting with a series of very important bottlings and there will be to tie the vines pruned this winter (excellent opportunity to catch the first sun of the season) … but above all, we prepare ourselves for Vinitaly!


I don’t think I have to explain what Vinitaly is, but for those of you who don’t know it, at the moment it is the most important wine fair in Italy … actually it is the most important Italian wine fair (may I can say?) in the world.

Well, now that we have clarified the importance of the situation, I’ll explain what I do at Vinitaly, otherwise you’ll think it’s just an elegant wine party.

For me, and for thousands of other Italian producers, it is an important opportunity to conclude business, meet agents, customers, suppliers, journalists, bloggers (yes, those are on the list), sommeliers, colleagues and winelovers.
So, for those who deal with wine, or who are approaching the world of wine, is the important opportunity to know producers and taste wines from all over Italy.
You are obviously welcome, if you want to come and see me at the booth, also because this year the situation is very interesting.
In fact, I will share the booth with 9 other producers from 5 different regions, a real and unique opportunity to taste different wines and learn more about small Italian companies.

Surely I don’t need to make the usual recommendations, however it is always good to remeber you few importants points:

– POINT 1: I ask you to be very patient if the producers will don’t give you enought time, remember that we are at the fair for work, so if we have appointments or our booth is full of people, you will understand that it is hard to listen to everyone.
– POINT 2: I advise you to spit, believe me, we are normally used to seeing people who spit out our wine, it is not an offense, but it is survival. If you want to get to the end of the day, it is better to spit, or just drink the wines that you really liked (you can’t say that all the wines are good!)
– STEP 3: comfortable shoes ….. I do not even waste time explaining why (I recommend to the ladies)
– POINT 4: if you already have an idea of ​​who you want to visit, prepare a list first. Maybe you keep 3 producers that you know and 4 to discover. I recommend, if you think to decide who to visit directly at the fair, you will have finished living ….
– POINT 5: bring some snacks… you never know!

At the end, the most importan think is:
ENJOY, the wine is LOVE, JOY, PASSION and FUN!
See you there

Diletta Tonello